❯ Construction Delay Analysis Methods (Theoretical): 11 - 15 December 2022 (5 Days) &
❯ Delay Cracker Software/Forensic Analysis (Practical): 18 - 20 December 2022 (3 Days)
Time: Full days
Venue: ISC Global Offices, Building 5, Flt No. 1, Street No. 83, Sarayat El Maadi, Cairo
Cost: 53,000.00 (EGP)
Discount less 20%: 42,400.00 (EGP)   

Hotel Accommodation & Airfares not included


What's covered in the Construction Delay Analysis (Theoretical) course?

❯ Delay & Disruption Claims  
Delay and Disruption Claims in terms of the Society of Construction Law protocol (SCL Protocol) and the AACE International Recommended Practice; Differences and Preferences.

❯ Delay Analysis Methods
Study and analyse the different delay analysis methods from various guidelines. The SCL Protocol incorporates six different analysis methods, while the AACEI Protocol comprehensively separates the analyses into two groups, and proceeds to depict 16 emphases of these two groups.  

❯ Disruption, Acceleration Claims
Understand the difference between Delay, Disruption, and types of Acceleration Claims. In addition, explore the impact of different views from the two available guidelines (SCL and AACEI).

❯ Claim Quantification
How to view the damages and the events that affect how you manage damages. This will also include: Estimated versus actual damages, Direct Costs, Indirect Costs, Cost Reporting, and Consequential Costs.

ISC Academy Certificate: Construction Delay Analysis

What's covered in the Delay Cracker software / Forensic Analysis (Practical) course?

Delay / Forensic Analysis for hands-on case studies.  Using manual, conventional methods and using the new software innovation “Delay Cracker".

❯ Time Impact Analysis (TIA)

Hands-on practice for creating TIA analysis, both with conventional methods and with the innovative Delay Cracker tool. Build a well documented TIA report demonstrating the impact of different kinds of delays on the project's completion date. 

Learn also how to respond to a TIA report to validate the merits of a claimed delay. Learn how to select and prepare the unimpacted schedule to use as the base for the TIA claim. Learn how to clean up the unimpacted schedule using an approved schedule update or a baseline (i.e. Schedule Rectification). Learn how to generate an unimpacted schedule in case one is not readily available. Learn what documentation should be provided to support a claim. 

We will also cover how to use Delay Cracker's assisted mode to determine the start, finish and duration of each delay, assign responsibility, calculate delay impact and calculate entitlement. Understand advanced analysis that can be done using other tools in the Cracker Suite.

❯ Windows Analysis
Hands-on practice for performing Windows Analysis, both with conventional methods and with the innovative Delay Cracker tool. Learn how to identify delay events, how to gather supporting documentation for claims, how to de-actualise and reconstruct schedule updates, how to calculate concurrency, compensable and non-compensable time extension.

We will also cover how Delay Cracker can be used for the discovery of delays that are otherwise hard to find and identify.

❯ Impacted As-Planned
Hands-on practice for performing Impacted As-Planned analysis, both with conventional methods and with the innovative Delay Cracker tool.

Learn how to calculate the impact from each party's delays, and assess their culpability and entitlement.

ISC Academy Certificate: Delay Analysis Practitioner


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Course Convenor
Mr Ahmed Gomoah

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Ahmed is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Cost Professional (CCP), Certified Project Planning and Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) and Certified Risk Management Professional (RMP).

He also holds a Professional Project Management Program (PRMG) qualification and he’s a Project Management instructor.

Ahmed currently holds the position 'Project Management Office (PMO) Section Head' at ISC.

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